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Prof. Maria Iacovou - Palaepaphos 2006-2017: From a Landscape Analysis Project to Urban Mega-Monuments

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Διάλεξη - Lecture
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Thursday, 19 April 2018 19:00 - 20:30

Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI)
Ανδρέα Δημητρίου 11
Λευκωσία, Λευκωσία 1066

The Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) organizes on Thursday April 19th, at 7pm a public lecture by Prof. Maria Iacovou (Archaeological Research Unit, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus) entitled: “Palaepaphos 2006-2017: From a Landscape Analysis Project to Urban Mega-Monuments”. The lecture will be held in the CAARI Library (11 Andrea Demetriou St., Nicosia). There will be a reception after the lecture.  


The Palaepaphos Urban Landscape Project (PULP) was initiated in 2006. PULP was designed from the start as an open-ended landscape analysis project. It has a number of interrelated research targets, and the undefined and almost invisible urban structure of the ancient polity centre is only one of them. The reason behind the foundation of ancient Paphos and its subsequent development as a powerful city-state is at the heart of the project and we continue to invest in a diachronic landscape analysis of the still poorly known Paphos hinterland. In the course of 12 years of field campaigns funded by the UCY, some of the original targets have been met, while others are being developed with increasing success. Today, after the unexpected discovery of two mega-monuments, it is obvious that PULP will have to run for many years using state-of-the art data collection and recording methods. In the last season, an A.G. Leventis Foundation grant, as well as corporate and private donations, allowed us to begin to analyse the rich archaeo-environmental data from the storage and processing units of an extensive citadel complex built by the early fifth century BC royal dynasty of Paphos. At the same time, we continue to work on the tumulus which is situated across from the citadel. Despite its size and visibility, this impressive landscape marker had never before been identified as a man-made mound.

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