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Σύνδεσμος Κυπρίων Αρχαιολόγων

Association of Cypriot Archaeologists

Press Release

  • The Association of Cypriot Archaeologists (ACA) in its capacity as a research association does not as a rule take a stand on political issues and does not endorse the positions expressed by any political party. However, due to the course that the public debate has followed on the issue of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC) performance at ancient Salamis, we the undersigned Regular Members of the ACA believe that we need to engage publicly in the debate, so as to voice our reservations, which in turn are related solely to the legal aspects of the issue.

  • The Association of Cypriot Archaeologists expresses deep sorrow and indignation for the brutal torture and murder of the eminent Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad (خالد الأسعد‎), as well as the unjust death of the chemist/antiquities conservator Qassem Abdallh Yehya (عدد القراءات) on the 18th and 12th August 2015 correspondingly on the hand of the extremist terrorist forces of the Islamic State, who are carrying out an unprecedented campaign of historical memory eradication in the lands of Syria and Iraq. The killing of the two Syrian archaeologists at the city of Palmyra adds to the already long list of heinous and obscene acts by the Islamic State against culture, humanism and rational thought.

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