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Σύνδεσμος Κυπρίων Αρχαιολόγων

Association of Cypriot Archaeologists

Ancient Materials Training School

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Υποβολή αίτησης - Proposal submission
Event Date:
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 14:00 - 14:00

The Cyprus Institute
Κτίριο Guy Ourisson
Κωνσταντίνου Καβάφη 20
Αγλαντζιά, Λευκωσία 2121


The IPANEMA-CNRS institute, with the collaboration of the Cyprus Institute, in the context of the European project Open Sesame, is organising a Training school, dedicated to the study of ancient materials with synchrotron spectroscopy and imaging techniques:  https://am-open-sesame. sciencesconf.org

The School will be held at The Cyprus Institute (Nicosia), from 14 to 18 May 2018.

The programme includes:

- Lectures by renowned researchers working at synchrotron facilities 

- A hands-on workshop to design research projects involving synchrotron techniques 

- Social exchanges and activities to meet and socialise with other conference attendees

Uwe Bergmann (SLAC, Stanford)
Loïc Bertrand (IPANEMA, CNRS, MiC, UVSQ)
Serge Cohen (IPANEMA, CNRS, MiC, UVSQ)
Marine Cotte (ESRF)
Messaoud Harfouche (SESAME)
Josiane Kaddissy (IPANEMA, CNRS, MiC, UVSQ)
Gihan Kamel (SESAME)
Kirsi Lorenz (The Cyprus Institute)
Mathieu Thoury (IPANEMA, CNRS, MiC, UVSQ)
Sam Webb (SLAC, Stanford)


Apply to the Training school before 31 January 2018 14:00 (CET) by sending an email to sophie.david@synchrotron-soleil.fr with the following 3 documents:
- CV with any academic and research records, including nationality and current working/studying institution;
- Motivation letter (max. 2 pages);
- Reference letter (max. 1 page) from a supervisor/teacher/head of department/etc. This letter should contain a statement about his/her English knowledge level.

Participants will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the School.

Junior and senior researchers are welcomed! Motivation and interest for the fields archaeology, archaeozoology, archaeobotany, cultural heritage, palaeontology, paleo-environment, paleo-anthropology, conservation science, etc., will be the main criteria of selection, independently of their past experience in those fields.

The School is free of charge. The School will accept up to 20 participants working in one of the members of the Sesame Consortium, the OPEN SESAME project (H2020) will pay for their travel and accommodation. For participants belonging to institutions, which are not members of the Sesame Consortium, they will have to cover the expenses related to their travel and accommodation.

Important dates:
- Submission: from 15 December to 31 January, 14:00 (CET)
- Evaluation: from 1 February to 13 February
- Notification to the applicants: 16 February

You will find more information in the enclosed file and on the website: https://am-open-sesame.sciencesconf.org

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