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Σύνδεσμος Κυπρίων Αρχαιολόγων

Association of Cypriot Archaeologists

The Association of Cyprot Archaeologists has been publishing since 1985 the archaeological journal "Κυπριακή Αρχαιολογία - Archaeologia Cypria". Since 2012 the Association with the aid of the Central Library of the University of Cyprus under the wider project Lekythos has started digitizing all the volumes of the journal and is now happy to offer open public access to the full contents of the journal through this webpage. In the following links you may browse the contents of each volume and download the full text and accompanying plates of each article or even the full volume for research and educational purposes (except for the latest volume).

Authors interested in publishing in the "Κυπριακή Αρχαιολογία - Archaeologia Cypria" should consult the Publication Instructions.

Κυπριακή Αρχαιολογία - Archaeologia Cypria Archive - 1985-2007:

Volume Ι Volume ΙΙ Volume ΙΙΙ
1985 1990 1994
Volume ΙV Volume V Volume VI
2001 2007 2012

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